Multi lnb worth it ?

Hi guys, currently have sky and had an old sky dish so pointed at 19.2, I have a euro sub so all good there. I'm considering buying another dish with multi lnb, 4 lnbs. My question is would it be worth it ? Are there that many worthwhile channels to warrant the spend ? In English obviously.
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Personally you would be better with a motorised dish goto king of sats Web site and check all the English channels available for various sattlites The money you spend on multi l.n.b bracket four dish it would be cheaper to purchase motorised set up You will excess your longitude and latitude settings good luck

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You could do 28.2 23.5 19 and 13 from the same dish via a switch.

Dish size dependent on your location although 80cm would be fine for most of the midlands area.