Multiple provider bouquet order


Is there a solution to this?
Basically I have an E2 Box and use it for satellite and IPTV. My satellite bouquets are created with AutoBouquetsMaker and are listed first left to right when I press guide (these are never updated as they never change). I also have two IPTV providers. The first uses XE and the second uses IPTV Bouquet Maker (E2m3u2bouquet). Both of these are set to update daily. What I want is for the first bouquets to be the satellite ones, scrolling right I want the next to be the XE ones and then the IPTV bouquet maker ones. Is it possible to set this order as it seems that when they update, the bouquet order changes.


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Cheers, was going to try this but couldn't find a way to set a specific time to set the download on XC.


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if the config file (config.txt) there is an option.

<bouquettop>0</bouquettop><!-- Place IPTV bouquets at top (0 or 1) -->

E2m3u2bouquet config file