My Customised Xbox Elite :)


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This is my customised xbox 360 elite

I replaced the outer case with a Smoke Black one (a bugger for finger prints as you can see)

I also replaced the rear fans with blue LED Talismoon whisper fans

Normally the wind tunnel at the rear attached to the talismoon whisper fans is white plastic so i had to replace this with a clear see through plastic one to get the full effect of light from the fans.

The other fans you can see are the core cooler V2 twin fans Blue led also which directly cool the cpu and gpu from within but are noisy!

The red at the top are the Xbox 360 Aurora Led in red which were a dam pain to put in. They come in 2 strips of LED's, normally one at each side of the console but as i had the V2 fans at one side already i opted to put them both on the side of the hard drive which there wasnt much room to do, got it in the end though :)

Purchased all parts from Gametrain. The case was expensive but it looks dam good :)

Thanks for looking


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you can get a cutting tool to cut any shape you like into the roof of the xbox and then add a plastic window to it along with the lights above to give it a more personalised touch, alot cheaper then buying a new case and quiet easy to do aswell!