My iptv experience on zgemma h2s


Well like most, lost all slyk channels on my zgemma h2s with wooshbuild v5 so decided to use iptv. First of all i could see i had iptv in menu/plugins could i use that ? Not sure. Read a little on forums and saw that i could add iptv with a m3u file or by loading a script file with a program called putty.
I found someone who could supply me with a months trial for a fee (just search forum) which i recieved via email i then downloaded putty (see youtube for info) and added script has instructed.
24 hrs later i noticed if i pressed tv button i had a new title " my all bouquet channels" here i had a long list of channels,movies, films etc which all work.
My epg button is sadly useless is does not show program list, although not sure if that will update it just means scrolling through long list to find what i want.
I gather the script file i recieved can vary from one supplier to another so what you see may be different but at least i have channels back working.
Sorry if my wording is incorrect its just my experience so far and its early days as to see if all works well.


I Have also just added a full package of iptv, couldn't have been simpler.

Good instructions from supplier which only involved a handfull of steps and now have new bouquets in epg fully populated with all program info and picture quality is great.

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there is a way to get a full epg simply on the zgemmas just by installing a line of script using putty. all very simple.

as long as you have crossepg for sky running it will drag the epg across to categorised iptv bouquets.

this is as long as your supplier supports it that is.

ill try and upload some photos in a bit.


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Seems suppliersi have upped their game in the last day or so, fixing issues and adding servers (then again it may just be that the injunction finished yesterday)

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Mine has been a bit glitchy and crashing - looking at alternative lines and possibly box. VM might be way forward...


My experience with iptv so far is amazing. Getting all the channels with HD and FHD. All epg, VOD very easy to use and channels from USA, Portugal, Italy, France etc. Got on the go so can watch from my phone, ppv included and record/rewind features. The person I am with replies back within minutes and always keeps us updated. Pricier than others by abit more but well worth it in my opinion.

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Woody, do you realise the hassle you'll get the first time the server goes down due to upgrade, ddos attack, isp block, etc? Because it'll be YOUR fault! :lol: