NBox 5800SX image


Hi all:
My NBox stops when arrives at the Booting . It loads all modules, then after that says Booting and stays there for ever. It runs Hyperion 4.5. I am a newbie but I would like to learn how to flash . I was looking here in the site , but I can't find the correct image and how to do it.
Can I install openatv on it? I go to the link _http://images2.mynonpublic.com/openatv/current/index.php?open=
but the Nbox isn't there.
Can someone help?
Thanks in advance.
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You can only use supported named images for models,if its not named there is no support,hopefully someone might have more info later.


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Is it’s not on the list then you can’t use it
Not just google what your running already? And reflash it