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I turned on my computer a few days ago and when it came to the main screen it installed my antivirus (Sunbelt Vipre) again when it was already installed a month ago! It installed and it asked for the registration - I did that.

On the next restart (the next day) the same problem happened again and almost all my program shortcuts had gone missing from the desktop! I checked the start menu and went to "All Programs" and out of about 25 programs there were only 10 there. The programs exist in the C drive and its all good but when I went to browse into the Program Files directory it asked me if I wanted to show those hidden files. It was as if the computer had XP reinstalled.

What's more I do NOT have system restore on my machine anymore and all the System Tools in the Accessories folder have gone. Only "Internet Explorer (No Add-Ons)" is there. Also there is nothing in the Entertainment folder in the accessories menu again. I tried to execute a system restore in the command prompt but I got a message saying that system restore doesn't exist on the computer.

I did a virus check and a spyware check with VIPRE (paid version) but I get NOTHING!

HALP wat do I do?!

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Can I take it by your comment "It was as if the computer had XP reinstalled." that you are using Vista?

The first step I would take would be to remove Sunbelt Vipre totally & restart the machine & see what condition it is in.

There are many reports of Vipre updates causing all sorts of issues for users (Example)

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No it's Windows XP service pack 3
My antivirus is gone now and there are less programs on the start menu. There are 5 :O