Network help! not sure what's gone wrong?


I have 2 boxes in 2 rooms running,the bedroom one is absolutley fine but the one downstairs is no longer displaying premium channels?

just done a network test and it say's that: LOCAL:grin:isconnected. IP adress:unconfirmed. NAMESERVER:unconfirmed.

what do i need to do to sort this???

i apologise now as im not the best with tech,so it may be obvious to you? but i dont know where to try next?

bare in mind that upstairs is all good and on same router.

oh and its an lx2 on vix


- - - Updated - - -

Now everything is all ok apart from the NAMESERVER? it says unconfirmed. how do i rectify this?


I had this on one of my hs2 boxes and it was a dodgy internet connection. Try changing boxes and see if that does the same it will confirm it is in the room has the problem. Sometimes turning off the router and the box for a few mins and resetting can allocate everything again. If it is wi fi connected change the wi fi number at least 3 away from what it was. The nameserver is the router try and change it to that manully if you can