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Hi all, I'm after a new box to run Freeview through sky aerial but also IPTV through extream editor, I'm after some ideas for a quality but reasonably priced box that's easy to setup up with wooshbuild, I have only ever had zgemmas and my latest box has just about had it please help asap my IPTV provider wants to activate my IPTV but I need a new box first


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You might be getting mixed up?
Freeview is from aerial on roof
Freesat is from sat dish on roof on 28.2.
What box is nearly dead?


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The biggest consideration is your budget, what are you willing to spend?
Do you need to record? Do you need dual tuners?

Most importantly for me is -What makes you think your current box is nearly dead? Why spend money if you don't have to?

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Perhaps consider not to use E-editor but use Android for iptv, you will encounter lag and sometime lip sync issues. its not as fast as android applications. best to use e2 for pure signal feeds. We get mixed opinions from customers regarding using iptv on extreme. Or consider Octagon SF8008 you can use stalker for iptv and pure feed on E2.