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OsCam Supcam Revcam with EMU -Latest OsCam 11701​

I see we have a new one not heard of it and is it for anything in special or just an upgrade to a better version.
Nice to see people in the background working
Well if you are using the disable crows feature to help with stability on some providers as well as opening more channels youll need one of the latest versions of oscam. Last one i posted was 11695 and that does not cover that feature.

So i posted the latest version of Oscam so you can all benefit (y)

As usual its not available as yet from the image groups download servers.

There is also a Revcam and Supcam version attached should you use those services.


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No disablecrccws in my readers either and works fine on SkyDE and Moviestar.

label                         = CCcam-Server-1
enable                      = 1
protocol                   = cccam
device                      = server,port
user                          = username
password                 = password
inactivitytimeout     = 5
group                      = 1
cccversion               = 2.1.2
cccmaxhops            = 1
ccckeepalive           = 1


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Seems to be a lot of negativity on here for up to date versions. Im not sure why. Personally im not stable on SkyDE without disable crows.

Just dont use them, im still posting em.


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This is the versions available

Changeset 11701 Latest Oscam with out the emulator

Fixed accidental removal of parenthesis in 11700

Oscam 11.701 for arm dream for most 4k arm stb receivers
Oscam 11.701 Openpli40 mips good for the older stb with mips
Oscam 11.701 mipsoe20 good for the later stb receivers with mipsoe20