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by Richard Mitchell { 1 day ago }

When it comes to finding games you might enjoy, there are plenty of options. There are tons of sites out there that aggregate review scores, but we've discovered a new site that does things a little differently: (x I like). Instead of simply aggregating scores from game news outlets, x I like gathers up scores placed by the players themselves. What makes this site even more interesting is that it uses data gathered by your own ratings to suggest other games -- and other x I like members -- that you might like, a la Netflix.

All games are rated based on four categories, graphics, gameplay, sound and plot. You can even have the site generate a tweet on your Twitter account whenever you rate a game. Furthermore, each individual game page includes screenshots and links to relevant news coverage around the web (including some stories from Joystiq, naturally). The site includes Xbox Live Arcade and Community Games too, so all the bases are covered.

All in all, it's the most intriguing community site we've seen since XBLCG (which has seen some nice improvements, incidentally). The site could use some tweaks though. We'd like to see more organization options, and the ability to see a player's entire collection of games would be a plus. The website is still in beta, but the potential is definitely there. We suggest you take a look.

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