New dash update enables color choices for select Avatar apparel


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by Dustin Burg { 38 minutes ago }

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After having the weekend to explore the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update, we came across a very welcome addition to select Avatar clothing: the choice of color!

Within' the new dash update, the classic Avatar "Power Tee" (which is currently available in both green and red flavors) can now be color customized. A small color palette icon can be seen attached to the tee and, once chosen, offers the option of nine different colors. Don't believe us? Check out the video footage of the color choosing process, embedded after the break.

From what we can tell, the "Power Tee" is the only item that offers a color choice, but we hope more items (if not all) will receive this option in the future. Having the ability to change the color of Avatar clothing has been a popular request among the community and is a feature that adds an extra layer of customization. We encourage Microsoft to keep these color options coming!

From - Joystiq [Xbox]