GrogBuild New Install - Zgemma H2S


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Yes in simple terms as it’s not the box that controls that it’s the image you put on which has all the features for epg ect
That depends on image installed VIX does not have tabs available now via file , even chabs sky skin modifications had to be done to to get CH Page up and down buttons, plus it wont work with python 3.xx . But KiddaC skins are updated.


Hi all,

Hope everyone is well.

I'm looking to install a fresh build on my Zgemma H2S as at the moment it is running OpenATV 6.2 and WB Infinity and is starting to run a bit slower than normal. I had hoped to upgrade to a H7S but can't get a hold of one just now unless I pay silly money.

Anyway, if I install GrogBuild with OpenATV can I download XE plugins? I need these for my IPTV to run.

If anyone has any other smoother running build recommendations for this box until I can upgrade I am happy to listen.

Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers.
Try Willobuild on this box. It works great on my old H2S