new line install (noob help)


hi i got my line/gift today it came with 2 files, newcamd.list and CCcam.cfg along with some thing like this (changed numbers so cant see mine lol)

Protocol: newcamd

Host: xxxxxxxxPort: 0000 or 00000
Username: admin-00000
Pass: 0000000

how do i put this on my zgemma-star 2s box? i installed plugin “softcam-feed-mipsel_1.0_all.ipk OpenATV" with fileZilla, now i am stuck where do i go now?
any help would be great am ready to bin the thing haha
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There are copious amounts of threads giving step by step instructions on how to add your line

It might be good to edit your server details out and replace the letters with xxxxxxxx or mumbo jumbo to stop that URL getting blocked by the ISP's.