PS4 New PS4 dual shock controller on 4k firestick


Hi all
Bought a brand new PS4 dual shock bluetooth controller for my firestick 4k,
seems to pair up says connected but carn't
seem to get controls to navigate,but works on other bluetooth devices i.e android phone and mk1 firestick very strange.
Does this controller need to be updated via ps4 console for it to work with 4k stick.downside is I don't have a PS4 .
I also have a 8bitdo sfc30 bluetooth gamepad which pairs up perfectly via bluetooth with the firestick 4k thats why Iam confused any body else had the same problems.Any feedback will be gladly appreciated thanks all.
p.s them 8bitdo bluetooth controllers are bang on but arnt cheap.
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I only buy 8 bitdo bluetooth controllers as there fantastic
Found your problem after a quick google search very easy