New Siamese stadium plan for Liverpool and Everton football clubs unveiled


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Are they mad!!


A LOCAL business consortium today unveiled a “Siamese stadium” to house both Liverpool and Everton football clubs.

The proposals show two grounds standing side by side in Stanley Park sharing one “central spine” wall.

The Mersey Stadia-Connex group, which is behind the idea, believes the “Siamese-style” blueprint could save the clubs between £180m and £220m.

They argue it would allow both Liverpool and Everton to maintain separate stadiums – but the unique design will hugely reduce overall costs.

Images reveal a two-sided, ten-level central hub, with a 60,000 ground capacity for Liverpool and 50,000 for Everton.

Both stadia, the consortium say, could be extended to accommodate an extra 10,000 fans with work completed by 2013.

The scheme includes a 300-bed hotel, complete corporate and hospitality facilities, 150 executive boxes, and an underground car park with 1,350 spaces.

The central spine entrance features an atrium and hotel tower extending four storeys above the stadium roof.

Around 200 of the 300 hotel bedrooms face the pitch, and also twin as executive boxes with balconies.

Representatives from Mersey Stadia-Connex are understood to have communicated on a number of occasions, once face-to-face, with senior Everton FC bosses.

However, publicly, the Blues dismissed the plan, denying any contact with the group and describing the scheme as “unworkable, unaffordable and undeliverable”.

Liverpool FC were sent copies of the plans but have made no contact with Mersey Stadia-Connex.


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And where would they build tranmere????:whistling: this is one of the maddest things that i have ever seen, build 2 stadia beside each other to keep fans happy that they have their own stadium, mad ted, just mad


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put this in the comedy forum. bless them save 200 mill have a joint stadium.:whistling:


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Amazingly it's not a joke! The other side noely? They're all scousers on both sides so good luck getting your ball back!! lol