New to the forum - don't know where to start


I'd like to get rid of sky and get a box and just pay the sub for 3/6/12 months etc, the ones you see being advertised by people.

I see a lot of different boxes, v5, v8, openbox etc. Where can I find a definition of the different types and what they offer?

Then, once I determine the best box to get, where do I learn how to set it up and get the subscription. Is there people on here who sell subs for these?


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Hi Dell777

A openbox V8s is the simplest box to setup, single tuner no real features, very easy to use. If your not bothered for advanced features then this is a solid box, take a look at the section for Openbox V8s here: Openbox Satellite
if you want a box with more features, record one channel while watching another etc etc then start with bee's great thread on Which box to buy here:
When you have the box you want and ready for a line then post your request here:

This forum is full of answers for newbies so use the search feature to get answers to any questions you have :)


I started off with nothing and due to help from the regulars on here i know look after my own box and have even sorted one out for my bro-everything you need to know is posted on here and it's really not that daunting once you've got your confidence, if you need anything specific feel free to pm me and if i can help i will


Looking for a reliable iptv server preferably a member here for a while..I have a mag 254 with smart tv..need all live football,trial would be cool