New to updating (re-flashing) my Star 2s


Hi guys

This is my first post so please be kind...

I'm looking at installing the latest ATV image on my Star 2s which currently has a VIX image on it.

Are there any guides on what i need to back up from my current VIX config (I'm assuming line details etc.) and go though the steps to get the ATV image loaded?

Sorry if this is in a pinned post, but I couldn't find one when I joined.

Thanks in advance for any help offered!



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As your installing a new image, all you need to save is your line, as thats the only thing you can re use, ie you cant use Vix configs on OpenATV.


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Thanks RustyMG! Do you know what I need to back up? Do I just need to ftp to the box and copy a file/folder?