New Xecuter RROD PRO Repair Kit with X-Clamps


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We released our original Xbox 360 RROD repair kit during Christmas 2008 - and after over 100,000 sales it has proved to be a superb success.

Of course there were still many consoles that it could not fix, and 360 modders were using an X-Clamp kit along with the Xecuter RROD kit to do a more robust repair. Naturally we wanted to make sure that our customers had the very best solution possible so we took the time to investigate the many many X-Clamp kits available and found that no two were the same, with many giving varying opinions and methods.

So we spent a week or so testing the *** out of many many different fix designs and after finding what we think is the absolute perfect solution we can now launch the Xecuter RROD PRO Repair Kit for the Xbox 360.

Not only have we included our specially formulated K-Pads for the memory chips, we have custom designed our own X-Clamp and have manufactured the bolts so that the length is the absolute precise length and thickness to offer the very very best solution.

We also include perfect sized washers and the best quality silicon paste to enable you to repair both the GPU & CPU all in one kit. All other tools are of course included.

As a test, we purchased exactley 100 RROD consoles from a games store and applied the fix to all of these. After bench testing for 7 days we have 87 consoles working perfectly with just the RROD Pro Fix, 6 others needed a DVD drive replacement and 7 could not be repaired at all - so were returned to M$ for replacements

We are very pleased with the results and believe this kit will be the definative repair kit available anywhere for the XBOX 360.

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