ET8500 QUAD TUNER New Xtrend ET8500 range.


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Hi all

Has anyone seen these new Xtrend ET8500 boxes? Shipping from the 27th June these boxes look kick arse indeed. They do look bulky with the small TV screen in the front but considering they are been priced starting at £169 for the twin tuner sky and £209 for the combo that's not bad at all. With the Edisions coming out at a low price I'm starting to think they have looked into offering decent boxes at a lower price now.
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that is the ugliest sat box I ever seen.
Yep it is, not the best layout for a box and why it has a 4.3 screen is beyond me but the fact is has swappable tuners so you can add up to 4 tuners to the box all sat, cable or combo makes it very versatile too.... but still ugly, lol


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That is one kick arse box, looking at the spec its a lot better than the last xtrend ET8500 and that was also a great box.


Small screen for small kids so they dont attempt to bash the tv would be my guess, like the look of that.


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Seen this last night, looks are a bit weird, not to sure what the
little screen is all about, gigablue where the first boxes I seen with them
but I never really understood the point of them then, and still don't lol

Spec is good though, pretty much the same as the miraclebox premium twin which
is a great bit of kit. I'm all for boxes that have swappable tuners.