Newbie help

mister c

I've been using an Openbox for the last 2 years, but my son has shown me his ZGemma 2s, so have ordered one. It should arrive on Monday. I am a complete novice, so any help setting up would be very helpful.
Many thanks in advance
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TK Veteran
Time to start reading buddy lol

Or easiest thing is to use an image already set up - or even take a copy of your son's image and load it - and then get yourself a line

Look at stickies at top of forum for images and also kiddac's guide to setting up


TK Veteran
there is no best image only a choice of images depending on if you want vix or atv, there are a few very good images in the top of the zgemma section on the forum, the two most popular are wooshbuild for atv & sucmnsee for vix (wooshbuid is probably to easiest of all for someone new to these things)