Newbie (Numpty) - Update & Line Issue


Hi All,

Been trawling through the threads after inadvertently installing OpenTV over the nice Wooshbuild I'd had running nicely for 6m or so. This was prompted by losing Eurosport over the weekend and I should have done this a long time ago..!

I'd followed a guide (from YouTube - seems others have too) and still had all the channels after the "wrong update" - apart from Eurosport - but the Mrs didn't like the OpenTV layout having used the Q skin. Having backed up already for the first "update" I reinstalled the Woosh base build to which has worked fine, but I'm only getting FTA - the newcamd.list file I thought was backed up is empty - so Mrs not happy! Crossing my fingers on the install didn't help!

As I bought the H2S pre-installed I naively didn't ask what the line was and assumed the seller would be able to answer any queries and help me out with new lines as he said. Unfortunately, not been able to reach him and the ebay account no longer exists.

So, would anybody be able to PM to point me in the direction for a reliable line - I think from the guides here I can install it OK and have the Mac talking to the H2S so hopefully just a question of copying it over?

Many thanks in advance,

This is the pitfalls of buying from the crooks on eBay.

Your only option now is to buy another line from someone more reputable.

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