Newbie, saying hello


Hi All

Really glad i found your forum as it does look like the place to be and all seem so helpful and friendly, even to newbie members.

So, I used to live with my wife and 4 children in Germany for many years. I met my wife whilst I was serving in the forces. We used to have a satellite system in Germany that was really cheap and nasty, but I suppose for what it offered we couldn't complain. HD wasn't even a term known to anyone back then.

So we now live in England and for the past 8 years we again had a cheap and nasty system pointing to Astra 19.2. My wife loves to keep up with the German TV.

Recently, our window cleaner knocked our dish out of alignment and I was upset, yet relieved. It was now time to get the system upgraded. So I bought a quad LNB and have purchased an OPENBOX V8S. Had an installer realign the dish and lay some new cables to different rooms.

I hooked up the new OPENBOX and scanned the channels on 19.2. SO many more channels came up, but I was shocked to see so many scrambled.

Now I am stuck, I thought upgrading the receiver and LNB was all I needed. How naive can I have been. Either way, I am trying to search the forums for guidance, I am technical but do not really know where to go from here. If anyone can guide me to a thread, I will happily take as much time to understand how to get the channels unscrambled and allow my wife to watch her favourite channels in HD, and maybe, access the SKY and Movies ?

Look forward to be an active member