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Nissan Micra 06


The wife has a Nissan micra 2006 and for the past few months the power steering column has been acting up . I brought it to a mechanic 2 or 3 times he'd fix it but it could last a week or a month before it would go again, it's a common problem I believe and now my options are to get a new one , get the one in the car fixed or the option I'm going with is to get one at a scrap yard.
My question is would it matter which year or model I get the part from ?
Cheers !


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You will find that a 2006 micra will fall into a date range of say 2003 - 2009 for example. In theory it will be the same part covering all of those years.

If you are unsure though, pop into the Nissan part department and ask them what date range is covered. This way you will know what you are looking for. In general, if the shape of the micra is the same, it will be the same part.

My Suzuki is 2005 - 2014 and the missus car is 2007 - 2014. Unless engine specific, or something like a coupe model, most parts are the same.


Thanks wooshman, wasn't sure on the amount of years that model was made , I'll drop in to a dealers and ask , cheers!


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Never assume things are the same as my m8 had a yaris in for an engine and he sourced one but after fitting it some things were slightly different like camshaft sensor and could not get car to start even with another sensor,cant remember if he said the engine sourced was from a french built and car was not lol.Another engine sourced and inserted and drove out.