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Nokia Booklet 3G Hands-on at Nokia World 09


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Nokia Booklet 3G Hands-on at Nokia World 09

Posted: 02 Sep 2009 07:58 AM PDT

Nokia Booklet 3G Hands-on at Nokia World 09

You may have read our earlier posts regarding Nokia first ‘netbook’ (or as they like to refer to it Mini-Laptop), well now NokNok have had hands-on experience with the Booklet 3G, to see the full specification listing check out this link.

NokNok seem to be extremely impressed by the Nokia Booklet 3G, they even say it is possibly the best Nokia device ever produced, the build quality is said to be extremely good, and the Booklet 3G design is great too.

The hands-on doesn’t really look into the software side of things, but in every design and build quality aspect NokNok are impressed by the device, to see NokNok’s hands-on article follow this link, which also includes a gallery of images.

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