Noob seeking advice please


Hi all, I hope I'm posting in the correct forum and that someone here can advise me, I bought a Zgemma star 2s off eBay, plug n play and it worked well for about 3 weeks, it came with a 24 month "gift". I lost all sky channels and got in touch with the person I bought it off, he remotely connected to my laptop and had me back up and running within minutes, all good, 2 weeks later I lost all channels again, this time when trying to contact the person I bought it from no reply, several negative feedbacks on eBay and not selling anymore, I assume he or they have downed the server and took any money and run, my querie is how do I get these channels back? I don't want to buy another box but am willing to pay to be on a server that is stable, any advice would be very much appreciated, like I said I'm a complete novice here, thanks for reading.
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