Nosey neighbours.. wasting police time flying drone


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Here's goes....

I was in the garden earlier..flying my drone over the farmers field
( I have permission )

I always fly with a camera protection cover. .
15 minutes later police came running on the farm land. Asking, do I have permission. I explained it's by verbal permission.. The police said there was a complaint of a drone annoying the neighbours. . Once at 400ft you can't hear. Police appologied and stumbled off..

The neighbour concerned, is a petty dried up, old hag.. A face only a mother could love.. Not one for confronting pettiness.. My Mrs on the other hand simply said.. I know whom your husband is
Banging.. karma ...
Pmsl you always get one mate no matter what you do ffs lol probably thought you was going to film her skinny dipping in pool on garden lol :grimacing::grimacing:
I should of explained my garden ends farmers fields are literally 12ft away..
She is the neighbourhood watch.
She literally stops people in the street to discuss dog poo. And who's dog has crapped. We had an extension built .she complained the builders were making dust.. yeah your correct always one.. wonder how her marriage is doing
I dont mind people looking out for other people etc but some take it too far beyond belief and i dont think most of them realise that they are doing it most of the time and i expect to see her at the next marriage counselling session and i'll let you know how she gets on lol :(y)::grin::grin:
I don't agree with what caron did . But this woman is horrid.. and living rural as we do. neighbours are good quite protective when I am away. . Any way I have chilled out. So rant over...
Yeah make sure you dont let it put you off tho its good to get out and unwind and boys like playing with their toys lol :(y):
If I get told not to do something, that little red devil appears and of course I will obey and carry on doing whatever it is that I've been told not to do.
Our neighbours are good but mostly foreign so I never understand whether they are moaning or not LOL Plus the Maltese local police know me and my free beer so they tend to turn the other cheek if I get up to mischief----just a big kid at heart LOL
Yeah the petulant child comes out in myself...I have flown my drone this morning 7.00am .. Not a word from that neighbour. My other neighbour is superintendent he gave me a little advice last night.. (tell her to shush)

After my Mrs told the neighbour about her hubbys dirty little secret. All is quiet on western front...