Octagon SF8008 Display Clock

Just purchased and set up a Octagon SF8008 box but the digital display on front of the box is flashing between the time and the channel in watching, any way to keep it on time only?



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What image are you using ?

It will usually display channel number then after 5 seconds go back to the clock. My main image is open atv.

There is a plugin called permanent VDF clock ive never tried it but i understand it is capable of doing what your after. It may be available on your plugin feeds.


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Not in front of mine to check it but there maybe options under LCD setup possible under men- system.


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Plugin attached if you need it.

VFD Control Plugin

Plugin for the display control of the oe2.0 box
Clock / Rec and other control
Menu / Settings / System Settings


  • enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-vfdcontrol_2.0_all.zip
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I am having the same problem, finally got the octagon box set up tonight, got grof freerange flashed onto it, then my vpn conf importer, vpn manager and the E2i player, everything working fine, except the clock, it just wont stop flashing. Hoping someone has had this problem and found a fix, I tried the permanant clock, but didnt make any difference. EDIT: got it sorted, for anyone gets the same problem MENU, SET UP, FRONT PANEL DISPLAY SETTINGS, LED DISPLAY SET UP, then it can be changed from there.
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