Old Firm Move To Be Discussed


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Old Firm switch to be discussed

The proposal to create a two-tier English Premier League will be raised again at a league meeting in November.

Bolton chairman Phil Gartside is the driving force behind the idea that could pave the way for Celtic and Rangers to play in England.

Gartside's plan to include the Old Firm in two divisions of 18 teams was mooted earlier this year but not formally discussed by the Premier League.

European governing body Uefa has said it would not oppose such a move.

Uefa has consistently indicated that teams will not be allowed to play in leagues outside their own country but director of communications William Gaillard told BBC Scotland in April the matter would be something to be decided between the leagues and associations involved.

Those bodies would be the Premier League, the Football Association, the Football League, the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football Association.

BBC Scotland understands that neither Old Firm club has been actively lobbying for the change, though both are likely to be keen on the switch.

Speaking in April, Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell said: "If the right proposal comes along, we will give it serious consideration.

"I think there is a very strong rationale at the moment for an EPL2."

Rangers boss Walter Smith would also like to pit his wits against England's finest.

When the topic was raised earlier this year, he said: "If they were lucky enough to be invited then it would take a number of years to build up.

"But Rangers and Celtic would not be fighting relegation, they would be adding to England's top four."

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thanks noel, though I cant see it happening.... not without Celtic and Rangers getting a serious amount of cash injection, as they couldn't keep up a challenge over a full season. I do realise that on the night they could give anyone a run for their money, but to do that week after week, I dont see it. sorry dudes