Open ATV No Cable Tuner (H1 Model)

Andy Mcd

Just a heads up if your on open atv with an H1 dont update again as if you do your cable tuner will not show, Its a suspected driver issue.

The last image that is known to work with updates was 9 December.

Also Merry Xmas To Yous All For When It Comes :christmas tree:
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Merry Christmas. I would wait till after Christmas just in case it breaks the box the last thing you want to do is reflashing a box on Christmas day lol

Update someone tested this it displays the cable tuner on tuner setup but they get tuner lock on abm for sky.

Ps after Christmas could mods please move this to the zgemma h1 section I didn't realise it was in general sat.
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Cheers mate, that's good to hear. Can anyone else confirm the driver issue has been sorted before I try it?


Cheers Andy. I've got 63 updates available but feed status is red at the moment so I'll wait a bit longer. Thanks again guys.