Open atv openwebif - remote access

is it possible to access the box remotely to set up programs to record. Not interested in watching/streaming.

Looks like need to port forward and done that but I land on a username/password and it’s not root/root or root/(blank).

Would change these for more security but in testing they don’t work anyway.

Anyone got any pointers on this?


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I'm not sure if it's changed but when I first got my first enigma2 box I set a password on webif 'for security' but it messed up Autobouquets as it called some of the webif routines when updating bouquets. It may be different these days.

If you press the green button on remote, you should see openwebif in the list of plugins, select this and then you can set the config, unfortunately if you disable http-auth (password protection) then you can only access the box from within the same network.


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After using putty to set a new password for openwebif it worked.

So i have now got a new password, port forward for each zgemma in the house (different ports) and a new port in openwebif plugin with the http auth turned on, and setup a dynamic dns.

Now I can go and save as a bookmark, and ans save as another bookmark. Then can connect to either box. Local and remote are different address so I use the IP address instead of the mydynamic... so for the local version. Saved to my iPhone desktop as an app to.

Working fine so far.

Might help someone searching for the same solution.