Openbox v8s Channel Loss

David Peach

I have lost a large proportion of the channels on my open box vs8. `To be precise, all the V polarisation channels and all scrambled channels (There is supposed to be over 2 years left on the "gift"). I have reloaded all channels, reset to factory settings, reinstalled the CCcam.cfg files and changed the F connectors.
I have not changed LNB as I want to eliminate problems with the box first. Is there anything else I should try?


I take it some of the $ channels are working then?

also check if you gift is online in the ccam setup if you got it from eBay may be a good chance that it may not last 2 years
If none of your $ is working that means gift is offline, Press menu and check in cccam setup if it says offline thn you will need new gift.

David Peach

Thread starter
I have updated the gift which is working on some, though not all, channels. The provider of my dish thinks the LNB could have failed so is sending me a new one. I am not sure I have the up to date channel list though. Mine is updated from the network and the latest available is 20161025 which seems a while ago. I have seen more up to date versions on the net but they are DBS files which I cannot unzip on a mac.


Could anyone I'm new to this my v8s was working fine all sky channels scrambled also a sign coming up saying [No Auth]
Thank you