MINI OS Mini - Audio Optical option ?


Hi all.

I have edision OS mini - HDMI to TV - i also run a optical digital cable for audio.

Will i notice any difference in sound ? also how do i enable the sound output to use the optical cable ?



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By jove you're right chaps. He's not plugging it in to the TVs optical output thinking it's an input is he?


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The optical lead from box should go into an amp sterio sound bar not into TV my TV has optical option but that's for what's been mentioned plugging into box then TV won't do anything for sound as it's for an external sound source only


ha i probably tv is wall mounted and only tilts does not pivot so could not see that its output :grin:

thanks guys i will invest in a sounbar at some stage, i was honestly thinking i could plug the cable in and MAYBE JUST MAYBE get a crystal clear sound or something :grin:

nevermind as u were lol thanks again i got my answer :grin:


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Depends on the room if a soundbar would be ok as i bought this and not worked out great and it came with a subwoofer.Furnishing in the room can stop the reflection of sound off the walls.

Yamaha YSP-900 - Video

moved it upstairs into the bedroom and its perfect.
Tv is fed from box with hdmi and optical out into 7-1 onkyo amp.