over clocking intel i3 sony vaio


hi peeps
is there any way to over clock a sony viao intel core i3, i have 2gig ram,just ordered 8gig ! its running win7 home premium, it just gets sluggish now and again and need tuning up lol.
many thanks


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As far as I know it cannot be done. It is locked down by the OEM to prevent damage and liability. Also, you would run (if it were possible) a significant risk of damage by OC a stock laptop due to cooling limitations.


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Maybe you're looking in wrong direction?

An i3 processor with 2GB RAM should have no issues running Win 7.

Maybe you need to look at internal maintenance such as what's installed, what unnecessary processes are running & what crap such as toolbars etc are installed? How old is it? maybe it just needs a clean install? All OS's degrade over use so a clean install usually fires great new life into most systems.