Own a patent application for a rock-paper-scissors video game for just $90,000


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by JC Fletcher { 1 day ago }

A visionary named Ivan Allen has broken ground in two ways: first, he has applied for a patent on an online multiplayer rock-paper-scissors game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, and second, he has put the application on eBay. He's set up the eBay account "videogamepatentseller," so it seems likely he's planning to do this again.

Now, before you get too excited about spending $90,000 (or more, if there's a bidding war) on the rights to an online rock-paper-scissors game, notice that the auction is for a provisional patent application, and not an awarded patent. If you want to own that patent, you'll still have to file a non-provisional patent application before February of 2010 (one year after the filing of the first application). So, really, you're buying the possibility of getting a patent on the idea, maybe. The perfect Christmas gift!

[Thanks, Luis B.]

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