Peel Smart Remote


Hi All,
Would anyone know which option to select in Peel Smart App on Samsung S6 Edge to allow me to use as remote for the Zgemma Star H2 please?
I have TV (Panasonic Viera), Blue Ray, Yamaha Soundbar Bar, and Emtec Movie Cube all working off this app as my remote, there is an option to select Zgemma, however this option dosent work?
I don't mind selecting an alternative make or model from the list if it works to operate and turn Zgemma on and off but, I'm puzzled as to which one to select?
Any info on this would be appreciated, I'm trying to keep my apps down and Peel Smart is a built in app on the phone, so really don't want to install further apps to cater just for zgemma,
Thanks in advance


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if you find an answer please post in here ive wondered the same but never found a solution. its the same for my tv remote i can control all my devices sky box, blue ray player etc apart from the zgemma


There is an app that operates it called Sure Universal, it's listed as max digital in the list and you can rename it, which works great, but then I have two remote apps on my phone which I don't want, the only way around this is to disable peel smart - Thus not seeing g the app on your phone, I am particular and because peel smart is a built in app on the phone wanted to load this up, but it let's me down when it comes to finding an option in the list, sure universal does in all fairness operate all my other peripherals