Peugeot Doesn't start


Its a Peugeot 308 SW (2018) the car cranks but doesn't start after tying to start the car for second or third time something like non-slip regulation popped up on the dashboard
then i tried again then something about ESP enabled came up too when i exit the car after trying to start it i can hear a hissing noise under the car. I pressed the build in self-diagnostics but it said no fault i can also hear the fuel pump humming.


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Lots of problems with the earlier year models with these cars, the mrs had a 2013 1.4 petrol model, sort of same problems that your are describing, turned out, it was off the timing chain, but I think it is only the 1.4 petrol versions that run on a chain, not sure for definate, there were lots of other problems with different warning lights coming on at various times, the fan started running constantly, she ended up scrapping it last year, she had the car 3 years and it was costing her a fortune, never out of the garage.


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ye i gave it to the dealership will wait and see what they say.
We had the same with the 207! I was on my way to King Power, before I got to first roundabout on dual carriage way the wipers started going on there own, then every fault imaginable came on, I done a u turn and got back home just.
Had a read on the net and ended up taking rear light fittings out and cleaned and oiled!
That worked but garage said it be better to change fuse box as there had been burning in it, £220 and touch wood it's been OK for 2 years, but still get that depolution engine error now and again.
Will be replacing car soon but not a Peugeot 👀👀