Please help with TP-Link Archer T2U v2 wireless USB adapter

Think i'm asking this in the right section. Apologies if I ain't.

I've tried to install the TP-Link Archer T2U (v2) wireless adapter onto my Zgemma H.2S but I can't seem to get it working. I've followed advice given on different forums. The problem I'm having is the chipset is the MediaTek MT7650U and I can't find the driver for it. I'm running OpenATV. On my Wooshbuild extension list I've installed the drivers MT7601u and MT7610u in the hopes of them being compatible. I've restarted the box after each install but under Device Setup I only get the option of a LAN connection. Does anybody know of a working driver for the Zgemma for this chipset or a dual band/5GHz wireless adapter that will work with my box?

Thank you in advance for any help.