Plug the brain of all your devices


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Some of the pet hates of mine when it come to the cloud are

The ongoing subscription charges

The cost associated with increasing your storage

Manually having to move files back and forth

The slowness of transfer speeds

Well, what if you could own your own cloud?

What if there was no limit to the storage available to all your devices

The only cost to increasing your cloud storage is the once off cost of a new drive(s)
Compare that to Dropbox prices which Starts at $99 per user/year with 100GB Storage per account

Here's a neat little project I came across (Courtesy of Allyall over on Boards IE) and it really is worth having a look at.

They have dismissed comparisons with the likes of Ownlcloud and Synology too.

I was also impressed that within days they had secured over $230,000 in pledges.

Check it out and post your thoughts\comments here.

Plug the brain of your devices


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