Plugins - Are any actually worth it?


So, I've got a Raspberry Pi 2 which runs Kodi and gives me plenty of movie goodness, I have my H2S running sucumsee which is obviously giving me all the Sat Dish channel goodness, all wired into one TV.

So that brings me onto plugins for my box.... Initially I was quite interested to see what was on offer, but from what I've seen on YouTube, other than Cacheflush and IPTV, most of the plugins aren't really worth having? Are there any that actually are, other than cacheflush and perhaps the IPTV Player (which I can still get on Kodi if I want). I'm keen to find out more about this box as I like it a lot, but nothing I've seen on YouTube of say the 'on-demand' plugin, screams Download now.

Thoughts and opinions welcome :)