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Post Your Work Sickie Excuses Here.


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What excuses have you used to take days off work why not post them here, should be interesting reading lol plus were you ever caught out?

Ill start with mine:

I rang my boss to say that I wasn't able to make it into work on the Monday as I said that my car wouldn't start he said that he would send one of the lads from work to collect me from home,the only problem was is that I wasn't at home I was in a different county on a weekend break,did I have some grovelling or what to do:scared: :grimacing:


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Yea I did the same thing, i was running about 3 & 1/2 hours late to work, and it was a very important day, so I pulled my car over just before i got there and opened the hood of my car and started rubbing grease on my hands and arms, i was going to tell my boss my car had broke down... Unfourtantlly he passed by me as he was on lunch break, and it was obvious i was not broke down. He gave me a stern talking to for that one. :grin:


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Too many to remember. The weirder the better. I've learned that if you get a chance to slip in 'I was on the toilet all night' they usually want to end the conversation asap.


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Too many to remember. The weirder the better. I've learned that if you get a chance to slip in 'I was on the toilet all night' they usually want to end the conversation asap.

lol, yea that is a conversation killer!


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had a mate at work who when he went to have a talking to about his sick record, was told there wasnt any chance that his 6th grandparent had just passed away. he didnt last long after that. lol


Best real excuse for being late I ever heard was from a bloke I used to work with. He was late one day because the LIONS & TIGERS had been making a din all night long. It turned out he'd recently move into a house which backed onto knowsley safari park.


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After a rough winter, we had a couple real nice days at the end of March, beginning of April. One of my Techs called up and told me it was "too nice a day to come into work." I hung up and i was pist off. He showed up two minutes later and reminded me what day it was.

April 1st. April Fool's day. lol He got me.


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Strangely enough.....I have never used an excuse to take a day off from work. I tend to not use sick days or any 'personal' days when I work.


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Think ive had about 6 wisdom teeth taken out over the last 9 and a half years lol

Aside from the usual 4 wisdom teeth (3rd molars), occassionally there are supernumary teeth, so that explains 6 (teeth)

And I have taken out more than my fair share of them (about 10,000 of them, wisdom teeth that is, and yes surgically)


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Nice Axxxo. No one will catch on to that. :)

What about me !
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had a cancelled train on many occasions over the years lol dont think my boss believed me as there were a few of us that used the same line lol but got away with it, or " i didnt realise the time" whilst in the pub at lunchtimes - one day he actually came to get me heehee! mind you it was my 21st birthday that day lol! and i had been gone about 4 hrs - oops! :)