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POWERCUT in my area



see this news ive managed to get.

Have power for now for a few hrs but had none for almost 24hrs.
so i wont be around until maybe next week as more important things to use power for xx


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Little ****** want there hands chopping off :gun2:, hope you get sorted soon Linny!


yes dont they just! they dont realise how much devestation they have caused. The shop has lost all its frozen foods as they still have no supply. and reptiles have had no heat. shops have lost all frozen foods, so all our local supermarkets will have no frozen stocks for a few days. that will cost millions. all local shops are closed until further notice ............ i could go on but well you can imagine.

ive heard they are doing blocks of 3 hrs supply until its all repaired. which means i have it for a few hrs then they turn me off so others can have 3 hrs. But its been so bad all the mobile networks in the area are on meltdown either busy or just no connection so it must have disabled a large phone mast supply or something, unless its just that thats all people have got. All my phones in the house run off electric, so need to go buy an old fashioned one that just plugs into telephone socket for emergencies like this.
sitting by candle light for afew hrs is not fun when most of the street is in complete and utter darkness


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cretins hope they string the basterds up by there nads, but as is the way now in this counrty probaly be taken on holiday as they are misunderstood.


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sorry for your troubles linny, hope the animals will be ok, understand they need alot of heat!


thanks! hopefully they should be ok coz 3 hrs of heat and light is better than none.
Turning pc off now as in the next 25 mins power will go off.

but will try n keep you posted or you can see if there is any update updateing that link above or by googling powercut! thats what i did.


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I was surprised at the amount of power cuts in that area. When I searched for updates there were loads of hits for outages over the last 12 months.

Anyway, hope you get sorted soon Linny (y)



well update peeps im now back on - i hope. had 3 hrs on 6 hrs off then 6 on and 3 off and so on but lat nite we went off at midnite and came back on 45 mins later, and still on. So hopefully either they have fixed my area or we are on a generator until sunday and may go off for 30-60 mins to put us back on to the normal. But not sure. Updates seem to be conflicting.

Good thing is animals are all ok - which was our main worry. But at home we had different slots to the shop. Lizards are a bit bewlidered, but nothing lost. Frozen stock also seems to be ok as at the shop we would not open freezer to sell stuff whilst power was off. But hey it was fun working in the dark - well as fun as we could make it.
But the nasties were about and houses and shops were broken into as alarms went wild but thankfully police managed to arrest some looters.
IVe heard so many different stories as to what happened etc. Did managed to catch some news last night to show the fire, some say it was kids others say it was totters trying to steel cable to sell, some say they got caught by police and arrested some say they got fried!
Hopefully in next weeks local rag it will give us more info.
IVe still got no telephone at home as line is still dead and mobiles are back to normal. People dont realise without electricity mobile phone masts cannot work to 100% so lots of mobiles down in areas with no power.


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glad its all back for you linny,and the animals came threw it, did they catch the cretin.

soz skipped a bit, p*****s wont mess with that sort of cable, probaly kids .
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Welcome back Linny.....hope all is better, and noone was hurt during the power outage..