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Premier League Next Season


Hi All

I recently bought the Zgemma 2S I don't know a great deal about these boxes a friend of mine has one and I decided to buy one.
Having spent time on it setting it all up with the clines etc my question is can anyone recommend where and what is needed to watch
my team Leicester City :hurray:live next season as my friend don't like football :(.
Will I also need a extra cline for this service?

Many thanks
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You will only see your team when it's a live game on sly/bt/setanta.
To see all of their games you need to access this via IPTV and a subscription to enable Premier matches.
Not sure how the 2S will perform streaming this but will be testing this in the near future.


I don't think premier ship pass is around next year.. It says RIP on there website.. Find a IPTV provider that has FOX sports

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You will get all the games on bein sports via iptv, your box wont be able to run iptv without constant freezing and loss of channels,the new zgemma i55 is pretty good or the magbox 254 is very good


plus1 hd also comes up as 24/7 its about £5.60 a month through paypal you get all premier league footy payper view boxing the lot but you have to register during closed season hope this helps


Thanks for your replies it has given me a few places to investigate. I've downloaded a plugin its called livefootball 6.1 and i've got to the point where i can see the first 2 weeks of the PL season fixtures but thats it maybe due to it being over a month away from the start of the season might not be setup as yet. IPTV somehow I have a proplem with it I get a message from my TV (Samsung) and a email address to write to thinks there some kind of compatability issue.


Your best option for the football or iptv in general is a android box or a mag box! The zgemma and satellite boxes don't have enough power to run then... Download kodi and have a fiddle with it.. Check some YouTube videos and go on Twitter and your find some streams for every game

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