Priorty switch with DISEqC switch configuration question

Hi All,

Further from recommendation from the fourm mates , I got goobay priority switch to share my lnbs with the second Viark 4k box.

I am also using DISEqC 4 in 1 switch to connect two feeds into single tuner of Viark

It seems to be working well and doing its job as I can drive motor from both boxes when other is in standby. The only issue is I have multi lnb setup on feed 1 and motor on feed 2.

On feed 1, i have DISEqC switch on dish side with port 1 connected with 28e and port 2 connected with 23e.

When using priorty switch, I get only 28e and not 23e , feed 2 is working . So out of three lnbs I am getting only 2 working using the switch.

If I don't use the both switches and use loop out option from my main box into single tuner , I can get both 28 and 23 e working but then missing my motor feed .

Not sure If something is wrong in my setup or it is not possible theoretically by using DISEqC switch on both ends .

All I want is all three lnbs working on both boxes without manually changing any cable .

Sorry for a giving you headache in understanding the issue but could not find better explanation.



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Do you have two diseqc switches sitting between the dish/lnbs and the receiver?

Yes . Not sure if I need uncommitted switch on the receiver side ? Read somewhere about cascading and committed and uncommitted switches mentioned. Seems complicated ...


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Yeah, that’s your issue. You’ll need to switch one of those DISEqC switches for a 1.1 switch.

If you have a splitter, I think (not certain) you may be able to use that. So with the feed coming from the first switch you split that into two, and feed both of them into the second switch.