Windows Vista problem on laptop with Quickprojects


for some reason ive been having a problem with something trying to load on my laptop its a programme called quickprojects. It comes up with windows installer and is trying to install, It keeps asking me to insert the CD-Rom Quickprojects. Problem is i have no idea what it is or how to get rid of it.
I click the red X or cancel but it then says please wait whilst windows configures quickprojects, and tried to gather info, then comes up with an error 1706 no valid source could be found for product quick projects the windows installer can not continue.

But no matter how many times i try and close it it just wont have it. Eventually it disappears.
Has anyone got any idea on what it might be or how to get rid of it


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Go to this site

About half-way down the page is a link to the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. Download, install and run it.

When you run the Installer Cleanup and you see the program listed (QuickProjects), select it and click the Remove button.
If you read the Summary on the MS web page, it tells you what it does. An .msi file is installed with Windows Installer.

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thanks ill try that 2mora when i get lappy back out!

lol thought i was going mad! :)