Problem recording 2 programs back to back on the same channel on unibox HD eco +


Hi I'm having problems when recording 2 programs back to back on the same channel on my venton unibox HD eco +.

I'm currently running vix4e2project. Say I want to record UFC on bt sport 2, I set both the prelim fights and the main card to record. The first recording is fine but the second recording crashes at the time when the previous recording has stopped.

I have tried setting the preferred tuner and preferred tuner for recording in every combination and I still end up with the second recording crashing when the first one ends.

I have my settings recording the channel 3 minutes before the start time and 10 minutes after.

Is there a way to stop this from happening? Or is there a way to set up a manual recording of a channel so I can do back to back recordings recording it as one?

It's the only fault I can find with the box and other than that is brilliant to use.

Thanks in advance
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I think I might have sorted this by setting both the start before and over run time to 0. I did some recordings last night and they have all been ok, I will just have to set the following program to record incase of any over run.