Windows Vista Problem Reloading Drivers After System Crash


my laptop crashed the other day,put the recovery disk in everything went great when i put the driver and utility disk in nothing happens av i done something wrong .the laptop is a asus f 50r and the os is vista home primium thanks people in advance
After putting the disc in have you looked in "my computer" and tried running it from there?.
My cousin has the same problem, the computer recognises the CD Drive, but the CD Drive doesnt recognise the CD. Still wondering what the problem could be.

sorry for hijacking your thread, just felt like i had to share that :).
Anfield road - what is the make,model name and number of your computer? I will try and get you a link to what you need for drivers and utilities
ok knotaclue i think i should av that name,its a asus x50r notebook you think it would need a driver for a wired connection
on your screen go to control panel - system - hardware manager and click there.
This should bring down a drop list showing all your installed divers,the ones with a yellow question mark are the ones that have no driver installed,if in network connections connections there is no question mark you are good to go online.

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You can also go online from the computer you are on at the moment and download all the drivers you need and put them on a usb key and install them to your laptop that way
sorry on hardware tab click device manager this will bring down the drop list, check for network adapters
hi anfield, are you after doing a reinstallation or just a recovery, you shouldnt need to reinstall your drivers if its just a recovery
av not got a usb key and am useing my sons little eepc which as no dvd drive in it

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i must av done a reinstallation axxxo
do the following, - Start - control panel - system - Hardware - Device manager .
This will bring down the drop list i was talking about scroll down this drop list until you come to network adapters ,if anything has a yellow question mark beside it means there is no driver installed.
no thats notthere aswell,knotaclue

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found the network adapteers now it was hidden
What are you trying to install from the disc?, is something not working correctly or have I missed something here. If your not getting any ? then all your drivers are already installed correctly. Have you tried another disc to see if your laptop picks it up.