Cable problems connecting with VM on zgemma H2H box


Hello i was wondering if anyone can help me with zgemma H2H box, i can set a H2S box easy just having problem doing so with cable connection, so here goes lol so i've done the boot, sorted the memory stick out no problem, then gone to tuner B added Network ID not a problem it's just when i go to search for channels it starts to search then comes up with the error 'auto bouquests maker timout for tuner lock? so the only difference i have to what i see on youtube, is i don't have a sky dish, i only have VM cable so i've only put 1 cable in the box on tuner B, i'm wondering if i can do that? or if i need another cable for tuner A? i know 100% i have correct Network ID, also i've not tried yet but wondering if i disable tuner A it might work? and where it ask for sky say no and put virgin only? so any help would appreciated thanks J