Problems with Fast Forward and Fast Rewind


It never worked brilliantly, but now it's getting worse. System: OpenATV as when purchased, external 4TB 2.5inch USB 3.0 HDD (I think a Samsung) attached via an active USB 3.0 hub (to provide enough power for the HDD which is USB powered). The only other device on the hub is a WLAN stick. The hub is attached to the back USB port of the box. (Edit: The HDD is formatted in ext3.)

Fast Forward: Typically works only up to 8x. If I go faster, then the picture just freezes and there is no fast forwarding at all. Thus, I have to cycle through the speeds. When I get to 2x again, it starts to fast forward again. However, recently it worked once for speeds up to 32x without problem.

Fast Rewind: Did work before, but has stopped working. When I click the "fast rewind" button (with the two plain double arrows, not the skip buttons directly next to it), it just either directly jumps to the last marker (e.g. where I have left off watching the last time), or it doesn't do anything.

I jump to markers (e.g. when I have a new recording with 3 min pre-recording time, to jump to the right start) using the Prev/Next keys on the rather top of the remote (where the number block is as well).

Any idea what's wrong? Slow fast forward is a bit annoying, but we can live with it. But not being able to rewind is really annoying and taking out the fun of the box.

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Quick fix use the numbers on control.... 1 goes back by 15secs I think 3 is forward 4 is 1 minute 6 forward 7 back by 3 mins 9 forward.... these times can be edited In settings

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