Promotion of black


With a bit of luck it will never come back

At least it prevented the self proclaimed Facebook yummy mummies posting gash for a night. Some of them have been unable to post a picture of the Christmas decorations going up early again "cus we had a bad yr with covid m8"


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I only have a account to join groups that have I have an interest in, a couple of music groups as I play piano (badly).

The wife has fb and I'm constantly saying don't show me please I don't wanna know.
One couple local to us are their 60's have 1000's following liking them but it's not funny more like cringe worthy stuff.

Their latest video was the pair in bed half naked blind drunk singing. Some were commenting and serious as well:

Cracking voices need get on karaoke

I'd pay to watch you on the stage

Have you ever sung for a living?

When in truth they sounded like when a cat been run over and looked like a box of eaten KFC remains hanging out the sheets, truly embarrassing and awful.

If you get caught singing while out in the boozer or at a party plssed fine but to film it in bed then post it up ? Wtf !!.

Then she showed me a guy posting up the price of tinned soup and bread in a supermarket complaining about some shlt.

I prefer not to enter into that world. When me and my m8s go out non of us use our phones except for a bet or call a taxi were to be busy talking shlte rather than filming it.

I watched a young couple Saturday when I was out both sat at a table, both taking selfies, pouted lips speed typing like the world was about to end and in all the time I was there I don't think they spoke 2 words to each other they did it all on social media and apart.
The art of conversation is dead so sad.

My whole point to it, fb is an out of control triffid that was never meant to be what it is, a platform for idiots and radicals who want nothing more than to create controversy or create division.

Sky are now having a black acheviements week. Why not have a achievement week for all and bring us together rather than divide.

Can you imagine the outcry if we had a
White achievement awards
Or white music awards ?. If you want racism on the other foot then take a look at what certain sectors of the black community did to George Micheal when he won a MOBO. When the boot is on the other foot all hell breaks loose.

"If you want unity then don't talk divide"
(Loncell 2021)
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