PSA: How fake is Don Mattrick's Twitter? So fake


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by Xav de Matos { 2 days ago }


A quick public service announcement to any and all tipsters sending us links to Don Mattrick's official Twitter account: It's fake. Sure, it would have been nice to reveal new Halo: Reach related details, but the only news out of the Twitter account is that there is no news at all. Really, we're not surprised with such masterfully crafted tweets as: "We're currently working with a third party studio on a new xbox 360 exclusive game engine to showcase unmatched graphical fidilty." Yes, "fidilty."

Microsoft's (real) Twitter expert Major Nelson -- aka Larry Hryb -- tells us he is currently working with the Twitter team to have the account removed. With so many fake accounts, it's no wonder Twitter is testing a new "Verified Account" label. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Don Mattrick for inspiring a phony Twitter account, following good company such as artist Kanye West, ***-kicker Chuck Norris and all of the Pokemans.

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